50-Year Reunion


Planning for our reunion has already started. We are trying to get information on all our old classmates to contact them about it. We will do mailings, as needed, but need current addresses, valid emails, and phone numbers, including cell numbers as many are dropping land lines or are wintering elsewhere.

Tell everyone you know from our class about it. Don't forget you may be able to get to folks, through friends and relatives that we don't know about.

Also, we want info on anyone who has passed, including, if they were a veteran.

We hope many of you will come—it's been 50 years!

The date is Saturday, 27 Sept 2014, as agreed by all attendees of our 45th reunion. We are inviting the class before and after ours to a Meet & Greet beforehand, too, as we know so many from those classes. The Meet-and-Greet will be held somewhere different, the evening before. We are closing in on a location now.

If you are on Facebook, please give us the full name you use, so we can find you. This is especially important for you ladies, as some use married names, some use hyphenated names, and some of you use professional names. Otherwise, we'll never find you.

If you decide not to attend, that's ok, too. We just want to give everyone the opportunity to say, yes or no. We can't let you know without an address, whether snail- or electronic-mail.

REMEMBER, this is a Once-In-a-Liftime event. We have all grown so much since high school, it will be fun to hear what you"ve been doing, about your kids, loves, jobs, and hobbies.


Meet and Greet 50-yr Classes of '63-65 (Friday September 26 2014)

Cash Bar, Chips provided
50th Tecumseh High Reunion Class 64 (Saturday September 27 2014)